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Does Georgia's Super Speeder Ticket Law apply to my case?

Paying the fine online, by mail, or in person means you are entering a GUILTY PLEA in your traffic ticket case. If you are charged with speeding 75 mph or greater on a two-lane road or 85 mph or more on any Georgia road, do not simply pay your ticket without first consulting an experienced Georgia Super Speeder ticket lawyer. Georgia's Super Speeder ticket law allows the State of Georgia to collect a $200.00 fine in addition to local court fines, which often cost hundreds of dollars themselves.

I'm an Out-of-State driver. How will Georgia's Super Speeder ticket law affect my license?

Even if you hold a drivers' license issued by a state other than Georgia, you are still subject to Georgia's Super Speeder ticket law. If you fail to pay a Super Speeder fine, the State of Georgia will suspend your driving privileges and notify your home state. If retained, Mr. Klein will appear on your behalf and resolve your Super Speeder ticket case so that you do not have to appear in a Georgia court for your court date.

What legal options do I have in my Super Speeder ticket case?

If you plead guilty or No Contest ("Nolo") to a Super Speeder speeding ticket and do not pay the state fine, the Georgia Department of Driver Services may suspend your Georgia license until your fine is paid. Before you plead guilty and pay the fine, contact Mr. Klein to discuss the merits of your Super Speeder ticket case and preserve your constitutional rights. Mr. Klein will negotiate with prosecutors to reduce your Super Speeder ticket, preserving your driving privileges.

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