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Should I Fight my Traffic Ticket?

Clients often hire my office to fight their speeding tickets, traffic tickets, and other Georgia moving violations. If retained, I will work with you to develop a legal strategy tailored to the circumstances of your case. A plea bargain will guarantee that you obtain a favorable result, rather than risking a conviction by taking your case to trial. Mr. Klein can help you evaluate the legal options available to you and help you understand whether you should accept a negotiated plea or take your case to trial. Contact Mr. Klein for a free phone consult regarding your metro Atlanta speeding ticket, traffic ticket, or other moving violation.

I've recieved more than one Traffic Ticket. How do I know if I face a Drivers License Suspension?

If you accumulate 15 points within 24 months under Georgia's point system, then the State of Georgia is authorized to suspend your license. The table below shows point vales assigned to Georgia speeding tickets other other moving violations. Some license revocations and suspensions are mandatory and do not depend on points; these "mandatory" suspensions include certain under-21 offenses and some drug- and alcohol-related offenses.

Offense Code Conviction Points
§40-6-397 Aggressive Driving 6 Points
§40-6-390 Reckless Driving 4 Points
§40-6-163 Unlawful Passing School Bus 6 Points
§40-6-45 Improper Passing on Hill or Curve 4 Points
§40-6-181 Speeding:
15 to 18 mph over speed limit 2 Points
19 to 23 mph over speed limit 3 Points
24 to 33 mph over speed limit 4 Points
34 mph or more over speed limit 6 Points
§40-6-20 Failure to Obey Traffic-Control Device 3 Points
§40-6-2 Failure to Obey Police Officer 3 Points
§40-6-253 Possessing an Open Container of an Alcoholic Beverage while Driving 2 Points
§40-6-248.1 Failure to Adequately Secure Load (except fresh farm produce), resulting in an Accident 2 Points
§40-8-76 Violation of Child Safety Restraint
1st Offense 1 Point
2nd or Subsequent Offense 2 Points
§40-6-241.1 Violation of usage of wireless telecommunication device requirements 1 Point
§40-6-241.2 Operating a Vehicle while Text Messaging 1 Point
§40-6-54 Improper Use of Designated Travel Lane -  4th and Subsequent Offense 1 Point
  All Other Moving Violations 3 Points

Mandatory Suspenion of Drivers License

The Georgia Department of Drivers Services may suspend your Georgia license if you are convicted of any of the following offenses:

If you are facing any of the charges above, or any other Georgia moving violation or traffic ticket, Mr. Klein will seek to negotiate a reasonable, focusing on saving your driving privileges and reducing/eliminating points on your Georgia driving record. For a free phone consultation, contact Mr. Klein today to discuss the merits of your case and the options available to you under Georgia law.

Under 21 Drivers License Suspensions

If you are a driver under 21, my top priority will be preserving your driving privileges. The State of Georgia will suspend the driver's license of any person under age 21 who is convicted of any of the following offenses, OR any person under age 18 who has accumulated 4 or more points on their driving record within any 12 month period:

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